Thursday, March 29, 2012

I beg your garden

Gardening to me is not so much of a hobby, as it is a full blown obsession! I blame Indira Naidoo for writing The Edible Balcony.

I kid you not, there have been times where I can’t get to sleep due to the sheer excitement of reading my gardening book then making a list of all the new herbs I want to plant and new tools I feel are completely necessary to own. “Go to sleep Em” my husband will murmur... Surely wondering what has possessed his once sane wife.

My dad like every little Italian man is the ultimate gardening guru. Many a desperate phone call has been made asking emergency questions such as “Do the tomatoes keep potassium or sodium in their soil?”

I discovered that there is nothing more satisfying than eating out of your own garden. Take today for example. Every morning I make a fresh pot of lemon balm tea. Add a bunch of mint to my coconut water smoothie. Pluck out some rocket leaves for my salad wrap. Then for dinner I make THE BEST basil pesto! Bugger that jarred crap.

Anyway I could ramble on for hours about the way the aroma from each herb wafts up to me as I run the watering can over each pot or the sweetness of that first cherry tomato from the vine. But seriously, no matter what your interests are, make sure that they totally consume you because they are what make you uniquely you xx.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy food.

Chai spiced spelt carrot cake.
Soy wrapper vegie dumplings.
Freshly squeezed apple juice with organic cinnamon.
Gluten free coconut and lemon myrtle cupcakes.
Spirulina and mango soy smoothie.
Raw vegan passionfruit cheesecake.

These were just some of the absolutely delicious meals I had in the Bay this wkend. It is so refreshing to visit an open-minded place where healthy food is normal, not weird or for hippies. I hope everywhere else catches up soon!

Hope you had a fantastic wkend xx.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

*Wednesday Website of the Week*

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at 32, Amanda Niehaus decided that nutritious wholefoods were the way forward. Here is her blog Easy Peasy Organic filled with yummy recipes and tips on sustainable living xx

Click here to check out her website.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quality not quantity.

Yesterday 150 or so people in loud shirts gathered on the beach for a beautifully moving memorial service. He was only 52 years young and left behind3 teenage children, a wife and a loyal dog.

It made me realise how we all seem to have this false sense of reality that we (and everyone in our lives) will all live to the ripe old age of our late 80s. We all assume that there’s a solid 50 or 60 years ahead of us.

It reaffirms the importance of letting go of superfluous worries about what people think of our actions, our “want” (not need) for the latest model iSomething or $300 designer dress. That grudges and ill feelings towards others are only poisoning ourselves and the choices we make regarding our own health RIGHT NOW can greatly determine if we pass away peacefully in our sleep or struggle with a chronic condition through our later years.

We might not live to 80, maybe only 60 or 50. Will you be satisfied with the way you have lived your life or are you still treating it as a dress rehearsal?

Live each day like it’s your last, put your talent to good use and eat your bloody vegies! xx

Thursday, March 15, 2012

*Wednesday's Website of the Week*

Somebody who truely inspires me is nutritionist LOLA BERRY. She is the Steve Irwin of Nutrition! I love her FRESH and COLOURFUL take on being healthy!

Check out the clip I've attached and you'll instantly love her just as much as I do :)

Her website is

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Local, fresh, perfect.

How many times have you gone to buy seafood from the supermarket and the little sign says it’s from Taiwan or Uganda or some other random country thousands and thousands of kilometres away?

One of the things I love about living in the quiet little coastal town of Coffs Harbour is the fishing co-op located down at the marina. This morning I bought some fresh local prawns which were the size of mini lady finger bananas!

So tonight I sautéed the prawns in a tonne of organic extra virgin olive oil, a splash of Braggs liquid aminos and a handful of pay choy.

In another saucepan I boiled up some organic quinoa (pronounced “keen-wah” til soft and fluffy (12-15mins).

While that was all doing its thing, I whizzed up some pesto in my food processor with a couple of handfuls of freshly picked basil from the garden, a few swirls of olive oil, some toasted pine nuts and a wild amount of garlic.

Then finally I threw together a quick salad of mixed leaves, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, grated beetroot (cleansing for the liver), cucumber and a handful of cherry toms.

I popped the quinoa, salad and prawns on my polka dot plate and spooned the pesto all over it with a big squeeze of lemon.

Now for the washing up.... Eek!

Remember, shop local, cook from scratch, keep it fresh and always get your husband to do the dishes xx.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

*Wednesday Website of the Week*

There are so many inspirational and informative websites out there. So every Wednesday I'm going to pick one of my faves to share with you!

This week's website is 'Gluten-Free Goddess' which has the longest list of gluten-free recipes I've ever seen! Click here and get scrolling! xx

Bath time.

A bath a day keeps stress away... xx

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Munchies.

Finish work at 1pm. Staaaarving! Must. Resist. Buying. Sushi.

I quickly made my way home and flung open the fridge door and decide to cook up a super tasty omelette. Screw those high GI white rice sushi rolls with their over processed chicken cooked in chemical laden sauces.

Mix together in a bowl:

2 free range, organic eggs
Red onion
Goats fetta
Grated zucchini

And cook in an omelette pan on the stove with some extra virgin olive oil.

When mostly cooked, throw on some basil from the garden and tear up some pak choy leaves. Then fold in half. Serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a sprinkling of chia seeds.

Too easy xx

PS. Rest assured, not all sushi is bad. But when it's purchased on the run as a 'quick fix' from one of those little kiosks with flavours like turkey and cranberry or chicken ceasar, turn the other way!