Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I unconditionally love Melbourne for its alleyway cafes, falling autumn leaves and the outlet Gorman store on Bridge Road. Of course a city full of men that resemble Calvin Klein models never hurts either. I arrived back in Coffs this afternoon after spending five days down there for a blood analysis seminar in Richmond.

Although I lived in Melbourne while completing my second and third year of uni, I felt totally overwhelmed and nearly anxious by all the traffic, loud music, crowds and 24 hour noise. After adapting to living in a peaceful coastal town I found all of the city noise a little hard to digest.

It made me think of all the unnecessary noise and stimulus we create in our own lives. Do you turn on the TV while you cook dinner or listen to average radio stations while driving? What about flicking through a magazine while talking on the phone or watching a crime show while checking your emails? We are all so overstimulated by technology and noise that it’s no wonder that we resort to wine at night to help us sleep and coffee in the morning to get us through the day.

I’m not saying live in silence like a Buddhist monk in a cave, but instead choose your stimulus and be present in your daily life. Watch the TV shows that interest you, play music that makes you happy, have conversations instead of just talking and go for a walk or have a bath to clear your head instead of pouring another glass of wine.

And if you’re really quiet, you might even hear your own thoughts…

PS. Here's an example of some rad music to listen to....


  1. love this, just started meditaion few weeks back, silence is good for the soul :)
    and the song is nice too x

  2. When I go to mediation, I feel so comfortable and can see my childhood with closing eyes .. :)

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