Monday, March 25, 2013

Who let the cat our of the bag?

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened" -Mark Twain.

Don't let fear and worry stand in the way of your ambitions today. 
Have faith that everything will work out just as it's meant to!


Here at Essential Health nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy inside than supporting local and small businesses! Our latest local endeavour is D'Entrecasteaux Natural Soaps from Valla Beach (39km south of Coffs). They retail for $4.50 a bar and the delicious honey and oat bar in currently in my shower.

*100% natural ingredients
*Australian made and owned
*No plastic packaging
*Perfect for sensitive skin

Palmolive has enough money. Be mindful of where your soap comes from.

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:

1. How absence makes the heart grow fonder. Absence also allows you to leave your crap everywhere and then do a mad rush to clean up the day he arrives home!
2. Sweating it out at an early morning personal training session then stumbling down the beach track with my jelly legs and diving into the ocean semi-clothed. I sat on the beach in the Autumn sunshine on an endorphin high. Just admiring how blue the sky was and how grateful I am to have arms and legs.
3. Buying a bunch of fresh dill at the farmers market and adding it to my fish cakes, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese on corn thins.
4. Being reminded to take care of myself from HEAD to TOE by my wonderful reflexologist Trista Shanahan at Ayurvedic Skin Care & Reflexology Fusion. Treat yourself to a warm oil Indian head massage and your hair will shine like the sun.
5. My new fave juice combo: apple, celery, parsley, beetroot, lime.

Emma the Naturopath xx

PS. Drink 2L of water every day this week and then look in the mirror this time next week and notice your beautiful glowing skin!


My latest post for ST Surf Images

Emma the Naturopath xx

Make the most of TODAY!

Emma the Naturopath xx

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Megan Gale's beauty secret...

And if you're quiet enough, you'll hear it...


I remember a few years ago a radio interviewer asked Megan Gale why the water in her water bottle was dark green. “CHLOROPHYLL” she replied. The next day it was like the Boxing Day sales as a stampede of people raced into the health food shop I was working at to grab a bottle and the shelves were empty by 9:15am.

Rightfully so! CHLOROPHYLL is a blood cleanser. Our cells naturally produce waste as they go about their jobs. This can build up and make us feel sluggish. CHLOROPHYLL flushes out these wastes and as a result we get a pep in our step.

CHLOROPHYLL has a molecular structure similar to our body’s haemoglobin which is vital to the health of our blood. It helps to rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, boosting our energy and increasing our wellbeing.

I recommend chlorophyll to people:
-with skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, weird rashes, acne)
-with bad breath or body odour who need a subtle detox
-with high acid levels
-low energy
-just need some gentle nutrition (the elderly or “I don’t like vegetables” people)

The result = Glowing skin, clear eyes, a newfound energy and a more alkalised system. Happy days.

Add 3 tsp (15ml) of the the green liquid to your water bottle and sip throughout the day. It tastes kind of minty and is less than $15 for 500ml. Easy.

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:

1. How going for a walk on the beach after work can make you feel so refreshed like it’s a brand new day.
2. Making spirals and love hearts while drizzling honey into my chai.
3. An hour and a half chats on the phone with one of my fave girlfriends.
4. A beautiful homemade dream catcher from my crafty sister in law.
5. The fat stack of magazines they sit in front of you at the hair dressers.

PS. There are only a couple of weeks left of day light savings! Turn off the TV and observe all the LIVING you can fit into your life! Swim at the beach while the water’s still warm, make bliss balls, start planting your new autumn vegie patch, cook a new recipe for dinner, grow alfalfa sprouts, put on a face mask, go walking with a friend or create a new vision board!!!

Guess what I unpacked onto our shelves yesterday… Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr!
Just a few little quick facts about the product:
-Australian owned and made
-The highest standard of certified organic ingredients
-Nutrient rich formulas
-So natural it is actually edible
-No animal testing
-Suitable for sensitive skin, eczema and babies

Kora Organics have a great website with a tonne of testimonials and a frequently updated blog with tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle for radiant skin.

All the testers are sitting on the shelf waiting for you to come in and have a play!

Emma the Naturopath xx

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Think beautifully

"What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday and our present thoughts build our life tomorrow: our life is the creation of our minds" -Buddha.

Let's think beautiful thoughts today and visualise our bright futures!

Genetics are the gun, lifestyle is the trigger.

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:

1. Ticking another thing off of my New Year’s Resolutions list: I’m doing a yoga retreat in Bali in June!!!!
2. The smell of beeswax candles. They smell so delicious like sweet honey that I could eat them! If you find teeth marks in our candles at work, you’ll know that curiosity got the better of me...
3. The lyrics to India Arie’s Strength, Courage and Wisdom.
4. A new red dress. It made a debut at last Friday night’s date night.
5. Fresh coriander, chilli and lime. What a combination!

PS. Take time this week to turn on your favourite song and DANCE like nobody’s watching!! Just close the curtains first ;)

I was stoked to be interviewed by the gorgeous Jasmine List from One conscious breath about what makes me tick. 

My husband claims that Jasmine teaches the best yoga class he has ever been to and my bestie said that it was the most relaxedshe'd been in a year. I'm into the music she plays during the class. We were grooving out to Xavier Rudd and India Arie last night.

Jasmine teaches a grounding Vinyasa Flow yoga class 12-12:45pm on Wed at The Professional Centre (9 Park Ave) and 6-7pm on Thurs at Zen Shiatsu Centre (78 Bray St).

Check out the interview here:

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Emma the Naturopath xx