Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Get ready for Spring!!

Hello 27 degrees in sunny Coffs Harbour! There are only 4 sleeps til Spring... and I've already sussed out where all the jasmine bushes are on my morning walk so I can bury my head into them!


S is for Spring!

It’s Spring on Saturday! Spring is actually acknowledged as the first season of the year as it focuses on renewal and beginnings. Our energy starts to flow up and outwards after the colder contemplative months of Winter.

I’ve noticed my customers and clients are beginning to feel lighter emotionally and physically as the weather warms up, and our diet also needs to reflect this. Opt for stir-frying or steaming your veggies so they still have that crunchiness and start reintroducing salads to your meal times.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver and gallbladder are more sensitive during Spring. So give them a bit of extra love by starting your day with a squeeze of lemon in warm water, swapping one of your coffees for dandelion root tea, whizz up a fresh vegies juice each morning and release anger and resentment.

Go play outside in the fresh air and have some fun!

As it’s my fourth fun filled day of my holiday in the bay of love, I’m giving you a very special...
Top TEN Things I LOVED This Wk:

1. The lighthouse being lit up yellow for Daffodil Day
2. CoYo organic coconut yoghurt
3. Going for a lighthou...
se walk and the whales jumping out of the ocean all over the place like fireworks!
4. Red Saltwater sandals.
5. A 5am wakeup call, 9 km, 15,334 steps (according to my pedometer)… also known as conquering Mount Warning! Having to pull yourself up to the summit by chains is not for the faint hearted. But oh the view!!! I am so thankful to have such healthy legs.
6. A refuelling feast at the Bangalow Markets! Homemade chicken dimsims, gluten-free orange blossom cupcake with passionfruit icing, seafood paella with fresh lemon, a spirulina, mango, banana, macadamia nut smoothie. In that order!
7. Drinking a dandelion almond milk latte while hypothesising about life with a girlfriend at The Conscious Café.
8. How crystal clear (and fresh!) the ocean is this time of year.
9. A phone call from my long lost parents.
10. Not washing my hair since Thursday, because hey, it’s just going to get salty again tomorrow!

Enjoy the last week of Winter everybody!

Emma the Naturopath xx

PS. I’ll be physically back in the shop tomorrow after my holiday, but my mind and heart may still be in Byron Bay :)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rest, nut milk & My Top 5!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Postcard people

I had such a refreshing conversation last week with a woman about honesty. We agreed that we –as women, need to be more honest with each other about what’s REALLY going on in our lives. That way we don’t compare ourselves to the person who we are talking to who has this effortlessly “flawless” life, even though it’s rarely the case.

I call them “postcard people”. On the back of the postcard with the blue sky, turquoise water and white sand there’s a message that reads “Weathers been great, loving the food, its paradise”. Even though the prawns they had last night gave them food poisoning, their wallet got stolen and they haven’t stopped fighting with their partner.

Perhaps your husband bought you flowers BUT we had an argument about him not pulling his weight around the house. Or yes your job is fantastic BUT your boss is being an absolute nightmare which is causing you to lose sleep.

And there is nothing wrong with any of those things! It’s called LIFE! Nobody is perfect.

Let’s create a trusting and nonjudgmental environment to open up to each other and be supported. Competitiveness is SO high school.

Today I felt a bit overwhelmed and exhausted, but then I went for a walk in the sunshine with my good friend and now feel really uplifted. Now you try... xx

The Healthy Bones Workshop

What happens when you put a naturopath/nutritionist (myself, Emma Caller), a physiotherapist (Tamara Urquhart) and a pilates/yoga/gyrokinesis teacher (Suzanne McCarty) in the one room?

First off I’ll be speaking about food as medicine ways to prevent and treat osteoporosis, followed by Tamara who will be answering all your questions on exercise and bone health. Finally Suzanne is going to run a pilates mat class specialising in osteoporosis care.

The workshop is being held at 10:30 on Saturday the 8th September at Hara Beyond Movement Studio on Little Street in Coffs Harbour. The price is $45. To make sure you secure a space, please call Suzanne on 0266 524 462.

Emma the Naturopath xx