Monday, January 14, 2013


Are you moving forward or standing still?

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:
1. Homemade banana chai ice cream and mango passion fruit sorbet. We’ve been palming it off to all our friends and family.
2. Taking off on a wave at Arrawarra point, then looking over my shoulder to see my husband had joined in for the ride.
3. Starting 2013 with a healthy body and a clear mind. It’s going to be a GREAT year!!
4. My husband driving over to hang out with me while I waited for the NRMA. He brought me a mango, gluten-free brownies and a coconut water and we tore around the car park on our skaties.
5. Our regular fish and chip shop was closed so we went to a new one that turned out to be ten times better. Then we turned left instead of right at the beach and stumbled across a perfect little creek where we spent the afternoon eating and floating with the current.

Don’t forget to have a theme for the year ahead. Eg luxury, spontaneity, rest, playfulness… Mine is honesty and freedom. What’s yours?

 Can you relate?

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:
1. The Brady Bunch. Seriously.
2. Walking along the beach, my head full of thoughts. Looked down and saw a heart shaped stone. I stopped to pick it up and decided it was a sign.
3. Reading a book in a cool bath on a 37 degree day.
4. When you start cleaning one part of the house and then you’re on a roll and all of a sudden you’ve done two loads of washing, washed the dishes, weeded the garden, vacuumed the floors and cleaned the bathroom. Doesn’t happen often so I thought it was worth mentioning!
5. Learning new Japanese words for my trip every time I go to buy sushi from the new onigiri bar in town.

Mid-January already… Write down your goals or theme/word for 2013 and stick it on your mirror so you are reminded of it every day!

Emma the Naturopath xx 

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stay creatively juicy xx


Whether you put paintbrush to canvas, sow seeds in the earth, cook up a storm, write in a journal or dance your story –live each day expressing yourself in your own unique way! Above all else, always keep your creative channel open!

Top 5 Things I LOVED This Wk:

1. Chocolate coated almonds on Christmas day. Whose idea was it to put the bowl in front of where I was sitting?
2. Pondering how likely it would be for us to actually turn into mangoes due to the quantity we have been consuming this Summer… Currently obsessed with homemade mango and lychee sorbet from our Cuisinart ice cream maker. Raddest engagement present ever!
3. Lauren Hill’s section in Nathan Oldfield’s new movie ‘The Heart and The Sea’. The soundtrack, Nat’s talent, her gracefulness, that stoked grin.
4. Antipodes mineral water. The glass bottles make the perfect vases.
5. Costume parties! Here is a pic from our friends’ Disney party on Fri night. Take note of Mickey’s buttons that are made from coconut water bottle tops that he sewed on.

Take a moment to reminisce on all the sweetness of 2012!


What do I love?
Organic stuff, coconut stuff and chai. So you could only imagine the joy I felt when I discovered Pure Harvest’s Coco Quench milk! It’s a blend of organic coconut and brown rice blended into a milk in a nifty 1L carton. I bought it at the Jetty IGA in Coffs for about 5 bucks.

I created this little puppy this morning and threw it in an empty 1L raw honey jar as I ran out the door for work.

1 mango
500ml Coco Quench milk
1 Tbsp LSA
1 Tbsp vanilla pea protein powder
2 tsp Hari Har Chai sprinkles (an organic blend of cocoa, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon and ginger)
1 Tbsp desiccated coconut
6 ice cubes

Amazing-ness. I didn’t want it to end...

"Like many over scheduled, multi-tasking women, I questioned if I really had time for yoga; I could use that extra time to get through the to-do list in the office or surely spend that hour getting ahead on my uni assignment...."

Take a couple of moments to read this beautiful account of how yoga inspired Holly H's daily life.

Emma the Naturopath xx

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